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Marseille Airport Main Terminal

Along with the low cost terminal mp2 there is a main terminal (sometimes called Terminal 1 or mp1) at Marseille Airport. The main terminal is where you will find services like café, restaurant, shopping and information desk. Food can be a pricey, so if possible bring your own. Also, should it be necessary it looks like it’s possible to sleep in the main terminal.

The main terminal is divided in to three halls, 1 and 3-4. All are on two levels with arrivals on the lower level of each. When you arrive at the airport halls 1 and 3-4 are marked with telling what airlines and destinations are in each. Air France is in both halls 1 and 3-4 and British Airways is in hall 1.

Trolleys can be found in front of the main terminal. There are information signs in front and near the main terminal.